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TRAFFICSPINNERS.COM is a UK and India-based Internet Marketing Company specializing in SEO, search engine optimization, SEM and internet marketing services. Well, what makes our organization important? Look around you. There is increasing evidence around us, of the increasing involvement of the Internet in the marketing strategies of various organizations'. It is a mistake then, to persist, in the existing scenario, with the archaic belief that internet or any form of technology could only be used in a purely IT-related discipline. And this is one mistake that you do not want to make when planning your organization's marketing strategy, because that will cost your business.
And here is where we can help you. Online marketing strategies do not just refer to placing advertisements on popular search engines where organization would be likely to gain attraction. These days, you need good Optimization on your site to draw traffic. The website must not only be optimized related to your organization and its method of working, it should also be 'keyword-rich' optimized. Such web pages gets a higher SEO ranking on search engines, especially when an Internet user types a keyword and the search engine yields results which show that your website has relevant information that uses that particular keyword effectively. Eventually, this draws relevant and target traffic to the website. Our firm deals in website optimization, often termed as SEO. WWe have many ingrained values, including belief in WHITE HAT SEO TECHNIQUESwe feel that today's competitive SEO world does not allow any organization which takes online marketing seriously, the room to make mistakes in their online strategies. The success of our methods is evident since none of the sites we have optimized has ever been reported or blacklisted. We, at Traffic Spinners, understand the need for specialists in this field; hence Traffic Spinners has a team for each of the services proffered. We also have a dedicated research group. This, along with our innovative SEO techniques is the secret to our success. Our 2500+ global clients trust our team of over 500 trained experts, because we work together with customers to develop a lasting relationship with short and long-term results guaranteed. Our strategic approach ensures a steady and sustained success rate also.

The only directive of the INTERNET MARKETING RESEARCH & INTELLIGENCE TEAM (IMRIT) at Formula Company is to perform experiments and real time statistical analyses that will help us analyze the evolution of search engine algorithms. We use all the feedback we gain to ensure that all our clients' sites are prepared for any changes that may occur later.

Our results have revealed that a staggering 42.13% of visitors click on the first spot on Google's search results, while another 11.90% click on second search result and only 8.5% on the third. This figure reduces to only 2.85% clicking on the ninth search result. The difference of getting 1,000,000 clicks on first position and only 147,800 on ninth is phenomenal. Remember, if you get to the first position on Google's search results, you are likely to increase your traffic and sales for any particular keyword by a spectacular 1,478%! So, are you interested in making your business profits soar? If yes, then let us help you generate the right strategy, that will get you more customers and reap increasingly bigger profits!