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Online reputation management (ORM)
enables full control over your online search engine results. Individuals and businesses, frequently benefit from this practice. It protects individual online reputations and the reputation of your company. As technology continues to grow at a staggering rate, the power of the internet grows with it. The task of countering the various problems online is daunting to many people. These may be issues such as: negative press, opinion forum postings, or social media threats to your good name or to your companies' management practices. Negative search results tend to grow larger with time. Let the professionals deal with managing your online reputation. Our experienced team is dedicated to producing only the best results for you, or for your business.

Why Opt For Corporate Online Reputation Management?

1. What search engine results yield to your potential clients, will impact on the running of your business. Negative results from search engines also affect personal life.

2. Online reputation management helps to promote your brand and good name, by ensuring that: only desirable, positive results are listed in the search results.

3. Statistics show that as many as 90% of internet users do not read further than the first page of results, from the search engine they use.

4. Our corporate online reputation management systems can insulate you and/or your business from attaining unwanted listings.

5. This is achieved by employing the latest, state-of-the-art, traffic spinners technology.


Why Opt For Corporate Online Reputation Management?

1. Valuable business is lost daily due to negative listings. These affect your credibility with potential or existing clients. For example, if you were to Google your company name, what would the internet search results say about it?

2. O User generated content is often created anonymously. This means that it is protected from being deleted. Therefore, it causes high ranking negative listings to grow over time.

3. Employees who once worked for you may have left negative comments about the company on a forum. Alternatively, consumer review websites may have been used against you by your competitors. These campaigns contain negative information aimed at targeting the products or services provided by rival businesses.

4. High profile individuals, such as: politicians (or people who are often in the public eye) may have a legal issue of some kind in their past. However distant the incident becomes, reference to it keeps on reappearing. This poses a serious threat to a personal or corporate online reputation.

5. Damaging listings can quickly reach the first page of the search results. Action against this type of long-term reputation damage should be taken immediately. Allow us, the search engine experts to manage your online reputation.



1. The inoculation process, will suppress any negative listings.

2. O The most prominent, first pages of the results, produced by the search engines, will be completely purged of any negative listings.

3. More authoritative, positive listings will take the place of these.

4. The reputation repair process is initiated through inoculation.

5. We continually strive to protect your online reputation.

6. Think of our services as your corporate online reputation warranty.

7. We clean and maintain online reputations so that the professionals can focus on running their companies.


1. We suppress negative search engine results and continually strive to protect your online reputation. This includes any social media attacks or negative search engine optimization. Our highly qualified and experienced team of lawyers are always on hand, to deal with any legal issues which arise.

2.We are dedicated to protecting and maintaining your online reputation. This is achieved by producing results which endure over time. The latest, cutting-edge technology is employed to ensure perfection.

3. We are proud to offer expert services for many professionals in various fields of work today. Some of our clients are: Multinationals, non-profit organizations or business owners.

4. We closely monitor industry news and trends. Up-to-the-minute information and vast knowledge and experience enable us to provide the best possible solution for your business or personal online reputation. You will receive monthly reports, detailing the results of our work.